The Power of One.

Zola Suite is a comprehensive cloud-based legal practice management application that brings the power of a 360 degree integrated solution to law firms. Zola Suite features best-in-class Case Management capabilities + built-in Email (using your existing accounts) + Legal Billing + Complete Accounting through an intuitive, fast and fun interface. In addition to unsurpassed functionality, Zola Suite offers a user-centric interface with a focus on consistency and convenience, including dedicated iOS and Android applications. Everything that an attorney needs to run an efficient law practice, from email to billing and even document management, is built directly into this powerful tool.

When to Use Us:

With all of the essential tools built-in, Zola Suite is ideal for solo practices and small law firms (under 20 users) who are ready to have their practice operate like a business, so they can focus on the law.

Legal Field: Practice Management, Document Automation
Tech Category: SaaS, B2B

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