Helping in-house teams manage the business of law

Xakia is a corporate legal operations software purpose built for in-house legal teams. Xakia is a simple-to-use platform which arms GCs and their team of attorneys with greater visibility over their workload, helping to manage resource allocation, budgets and communicate with internal clients using smart, automated dashboards and click-of-a-button reports. No implementation cost. Simple per-user per-month pricing. Suitable for teams of 2 to 2000.

When to Use Us: Xakia provides an immediate return on investment by improving the visibility amongst the team about who is working on what and for whom. With quick data capture, and Twitter-style updates, attorneys can accept instructions, see the journey of a matter and generate sophisticated, automated reports.

Xakia is best suited to teams who want to improve information flow amongst the legal team, and use legal data analytics to communicate to the Board, Executive teams and to their internal business clients about the work being done by the Legal team, and to demonstrate its value.

Xakia is also well suited to teams trying to identify opportunities for efficiency gains, by capturing data about legal complexity and the strategic value of streams of work.

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Legal Field: Corporate Legal Operations
Tech Category: SaaS

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