Courting Evolution

20 Million+ Federal & State Cases | 5 Million+ Crowd Sourced Documents

Search. Track. Manage. Analytics. Legal Data

UniCourt is a nationwide case research, tracking, management, and analytics platform that integrates court data from federal (PACER) and state courts into a single, cloud based application.  The UniCourt solution allows organizations to reduce costs, increase productivity, make data driven decisions, and identify marketing opportunities.

By leveraging big data methodologies to acquire, analyze, and correlate disparate legal data, UniCourt makes legal data more widely accessible, manageable, and insightful.

Who can benefit from UniCourt?

  • Legal Professionals
  • Businesses
  • Government Agencies
  • Non-Profits
  • Individuals

When to Use Us:

Case Search – Access one of the largest legal databases with over 20 million cases and 5 million crowd sourced documents from federal (PACER) and state courts.  Simplify your research and identify marketing opportunities.

Case Tracking – Track and manage cases from federal (PACER) and state courts in one application and stop using expensive, outdated court websites (i.e. PACER).  Stay on top of your cases with ease, never miss a docket filing, and get the latest docket filings delivered to you.

Case Management – Integrate case management and docket filings from federal (PACER) and state courts into one application.  Organize, centralize, and access control your cases and documents to streamline case management, team collaboration, and litigation processes.

Analytics – Coming Soon . . .

Legal Data – Coming Soon . . .

Legal Field: Litigation, General Counsel, Corporate, Business Development
Tech Category: SaaS, Big Data, Legal Research, Case Tracking, Case Management, Analytics, Business Intelligence, Legal Data, Marketing, Document Management, Collaboration