Improve your client’s business and enhance your practice’s profitability.

Traklight helps attorneys build a clear understanding of clients’ requirements—from contract, license, and business matters issue spotting plus IP identification. Professionals use Traklight’s online platform to help their small business clients identify, capture, and maximize the potential value of ideas and intellectual property. With Traklight, law firms of any size will generate more revenue from pre-qualified clients who require less hand-holding. How does it work? Simple. The Traklight platform gives legal professionals full access to a comprehensive questionnaire and reports for you and your clients. Legal professionals will be fully equipped to streamline the client intake process.

When to Use Us: Your valuable and finite time spent repeatedly interviewing, educating, and pre-qualifying clients. Instead leverage Traklight’s technology to free you up to practice law.

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Legal Field: Business, Intellectual Property, Venture, Knowledge Management, Practice Management
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