Trademark search analysis. Instantly.

TM TKO provides instant trademark clearance searches, powerful watching, and unique prosecution-focused tools. TM TKO was developed by a trademark lawyer with more than a decade’s experience specifically to fit the needs of busy, sophisticated trademark practices. TM TKO’s search reports provide graphical analysis of confusion and descriptiveness risks and targeted common-law search results to help trademark professionals make well-informed judgments more quickly and easily than ever before.

When to Use Us: It’s Friday afternoon. Your client calls with a list of ten alternative brand names for a new product. It is a rush, of course; the launch is planned for early next week, and your client is working all weekend to finalize the details. With TM TKO, you can provide the in-depth search analysis that your client expects without blowing either your weekend or your client’s tight fixed-fee search budgets.

Demo Video: TM TKO – Instant Clearance Search and ThorCheck
Legal Field: Trademark, Intellectual Property
Tech Category: SaaS, Big Data