Delivering Platforms in Machine Learning, Collaboration and Automated Marketing to Progressive Law Firms

Scroll enables law firm marketing directors to manage social media campaigns for hundreds of attorneys from one secure dashboard where all posts go out in a few simple clicks yet stay individually branded. We make content curation simple through our machine learning platform that delivers content in a simple Pinterest-like style for easy sharing. Use Scroll to make social media marketing easy and affordable with proven analytics that show true ROI.

When to Use Us:

If you are a marketing director struggling to get your attorneys to use social media consistently, then our central dashboard enables you to manage hundreds of social media campaigns that stay individually branded with a few simple clicks. Let’s get started with one practice area so we can show you how your firm can benefit. Ask about our Practice Area Promotional.
– Easy onboarding
– AI driven content curation
– Simple mass publication
– Analytics
– Affordable

Demo Video: Scroll – Social Media System
Legal Field: Marketing, Knowledge Management, Business Development
Tech Category: Automated Social Media Marketing and Artificial Intelligence