Automating third-party vendor security assessments

Privva is an analytics company that enables law firms to manage risk when sharing sensitive data with third parties.  Understanding the risk profile of third parties is critical to minimize the risk of a data breach.  The Privva platform ensures law firms are using best practices and asking vendors the right questions to reduce the risk of a data breach.

  • Automate process reducing time to assess a vendor by 75%.
  • Track changes and high-risk responses in fully-automated and auto-scored reassessments.
  • View a comprehensive analysis of policy and procedures per vendor and a complete analysis of firm risks.

When to Use Us: Anytime a law firm uses a vendor that has access to client information a proper security assessment should be completed.  Clients are demanding protection of information and this extends beyond your four walls.  Make sure your vendors are following best practices to protect your data.

Demo Video:  Privva Introduction
Legal Field: Cybersecurity, Vendor Risk Management
Tech Category: SaaS, Cybersecurity, Startup