Matching solos & small firms with vetted, experienced freelance lawyers

Now Counsel Network helps solos and small law firms slay the professional staffing dragon by matching them with members of its curated network of experienced freelance lawyers for temporary and project-based engagements.

Before inviting a freelance lawyer to join its network, NCN confirms registration and disciplinary status, reviews a writing sample and interviews three references. All NCN freelance lawyers have been practicing for at least seven years—many for much longer.

When a firm needs extra help, NCN’s concierge-level service matches the firm with the NCN freelance lawyer who’s the best fit for the engagement based on practice area expertise, states of admission, skills and other factors.

When to Use Us: Now Counsel Network freelance lawyers help solos and small firms:

  • Earn more money without adding to their fixed expenses
  • Weather particularly busy periods without having to hire an employee or face time pressures that lead to attorney stress and burnout
  • Free up time to build their businesses, spend more time with family, or take a well-earned vacation
  • Boost career satisfaction by enabling them to focus on those substantive legal tasks they find most personally and professionally rewarding

Legal Field: Solo Attorneys, Small Firms, Litigation, Legal Staffing, Contract Attorneys, Freelance Lawyers, LPO
Tech Category: B2B

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