Redefining Legal Technology.

LiveLitigation is an online litigation solution designed to provide attorneys an effortless way to prepare for and attend depositions, trials, arbitrations, and mediations, either locally or remotely.  Utilizing the robust web-based interface, attorneys can view and highlight real-time transcript, participate in one-on-one or multi-party videoconferencing, present and markup electronic exhibits, and much more.  LiveLitigation is the only true universal product on the market that works on any PC, Mac, iPad, Android-enabled smartphone and tablet, and the Kindle Fire.  No need for multiple software vendors or viewing devices; attorneys have all the tools they need, using a single all-in-one platform.

When to Use Us: LiveLitigation can be used in various ways for both local and remote litigation events.  Use LiveLitigation throughout the litigation process, especially during depositions, trials, arbitrations, and mediations when one or more parties are unable to travel to a location but want to make a physical appearance.  Attorneys can securely chat back and forth off the record with their legal team and expert witnesses, review realtime transcript, analyze live witness video, question a witness face-to-face through high quality videoconferencing, or electronically present, mark-up, and submit official exhibits.

Video: All-in-One Deposition Solutions for Attorneys
Legal Field: Litigation Software
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