LexcityTM : Because Your Case Doesn’t End After eDiscovery.

Lexcity is a unified software platform for use during all the critical litigation events from the end of eDiscovery through resolution of the case. Lexcity allows attorneys to mark, distribute and present electronic exhibits during depositions, witness prep sessions, arbitrations, trials, hearings, and mediations, whether attended in person or remotely. Case teams can collaborate together and move seamlessly from event to event, with all their electronic exhibits organized in one place. By eliminating the need to print and copy paper exhibits, arrange them in binders, or ship them to remote locations, Lexcity provides significant cost savings to firms and clients.

When to Use Us:

When you’ve gone through the eDiscovery process, identified all the key case documents, and it’s time to put them to use to win your case. Don’t sacrifice efficiency and convenience by converting those documents to paper so you can use them during depositions, witness prep sessions, and on through arbitration or trial.  Instead, use Lexcity to mark them as exhibits, distribute individual copies, and display your version to those in attendance, all while maintaining your files in a secure, cloud-based environment that supports full mobile access for your entire team.

Video: A Single Litigation Software Platform
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