Matter-Based Deadlines & Files for Outlook, O365, Google

LawToolBox is a court rule-set and docketing software provider, all-in-one. Litigation, regulatory or any deadlines are managed through build-your-own and off-the-shelf deadline templates. LawToolBox syncs to Outlook (premise & Office 365), Microsoft Matter Center, SharePoint, Google, iCal, Lotus Notes, Clio, LexisNexis Time Matters and Firm Manager. LawToolBox eliminates calendar clutter, offers easy custom reporting, permissions, audit trail, option to automatically create SharePoint sites and Notebooks for each case. Get 0365 legal bundle through Microsoft CSP.

When to Use Us: Most legal professionals determine their deadlines manually and add them to Outlook calendars one-at-a-time. Manually entering deadlines is risky and missed deadlines is the number one cause of legal malpractice claims. The cost of the service can be less than the discount that attorneys might earn in malpractice discounts for electronic calendaring. With LawToolBox365 legal professionals can calculate state and federal court deadlines for their matters based on rules of procedure for each court from inside Outlook. Then users can add deadlines internally to team member calendars, and externally to a client’s Outlook, witnesses’ Google, expert’s iCal, or insurance adjusters Lotus Notes calendar.

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Legal Field: Docketing, Rules-based calendaring, Document Management, Integration with Case Management and Billing Software
Tech Category: SaaS