Blockchain for Law

Integra Ledger is the blockchain for law – a global utility providing a new foundation for security, integrity, and interoperability of the global legal industry, based on blockchain technology. Designed to meet the special requirements of the legal industry, the Integra Ledger blockchain will use distributed ledger technology, meeting standards established by the Global Legal Blockchain Consortium, to provide highly secure, private, and redundant access to information, as well as highly defined ownership and access rights to communications, documents, data, contracts, and smart contracts between and among law firms, clients, and invited third parties.

When to Use Us: When law firms, legal software companies, and corporate legal departments want to provide their services more efficiently and securely by using blockchain technology, as well as use them internally.

Legal Field: Blockchain, B2B, Startup, Practice Management
Tech Category: Blockchain

Integra Ledger