Modern learning for legal.

People watch short videos to learn pretty much everything. And they do it exactly when they need to learn – whether it’s to tie a bow tie an hour before a wedding or make a martini just before the party starts.

Hotshot is bringing that concept to the legal industry. We think you should be able to watch a quick video on term sheets right after you’re asked to put one together, so we create short, practical videos to help make you a better lawyer.

Our topics currently include Accounting & Finance, M&A Basics and Venture Financing. Each topic is made up of courses with short videos and related materials such as interactive quizzes, training exercises and downloadable outlines.

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When to Use Us: For lawyers and law students, when they want to learn new skills and information in a more modern way.  For trainers and professional development teams, when they want to complement and enhance their training programs.

Legal Field: Accounting & Finance, M&A Basics and Venture Financing.

Tech Category: EdTech, Training