Powering networking + collaboration for lawyers everywhere.

Foxwordy is the world’s first private social network for lawyers and legal professionals. Launched in 2014 in Silicon Valley, Foxwordy’s mission is to provide the ultimate collaborative destination for legal professionals.  Foxwordy offers breakthrough features for legal professionals, including anonymity, which allows lawyers to have ‘off-the-record’ conversations with their colleagues, and Foxwordy Teams – a streamlined collaboration solution designed to help lawyers save time. Foxwordy powers networking and collaboration for lawyers and legal professionals everywhere. Foxwordy was founded by seasoned entrepreneur, investor, and lawyer Monica Zent. For more information, visit www.foxwordy.com.

When to Use Us:

Use Foxwordy any time you need to collaborate with trusted legal colleagues, save time, get more done, gain referrals and make connections. Have a sensitive legal question to run by colleagues? Ask anonymously on Foxwordy. Foxwordy is social + cloud collaboration for the legal market – use it get more done, save time and have fun in the process. Requesting a membership is easy.

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