Legal-Centric Ediscovery and Digital Forensics

Evidox is a leading provider of digital forensics and ediscovery services including collection, preservation, investigation, processing, hosting, and production. Evidox differs from other vendors in its legal-centric approach. The guiding philosophy of Evidox is that ediscovery is not a technical issue; it is a legal issue with a technical solution. As such, questions of scope and cost remain in the hands of the supervising attorneys, not the technicians. The technology serves the legal process rather than driving it.

When to Use Us:

Evidox and its principals have conducted thousands of ediscovery projects in hundreds of cases involving many terabytes of data and many millions of documents. In every case, however, the primary objective has been to make the project as small and inexpensive as possible consistent with the requirements of the discovery process. Our customers engage us at the start of any litigation to ensure discovery obligations are satisfied, and the cost and scope of the discovery process fit with the budget and strategy of the case.

Legal Field: Litigation Support – Digital Forensics and Ediscovery
Tech Category: Technology Enabled Service Provider