Advanced Legal Budgeting and Resource Management

Digitory Legal is a legal budgeting and resource management platform for lawyers and clients. Our detailed framework gives clients unprecedented visibility into costs and prevents expensive write-offs by mapping out the anticipated scope of the case at a task and timekeeper level.  Digitory Legal’s template budgets make the budgeting process easier and will adapt based on usage patterns to create industry-wide pricing benchmarks. Created by a lawyer for lawyers, Digitory Legal is designed to reduce the tension involved in cost discussions by setting clear expectations for both the client and the legal team.

When to Use Us: Law Firms use Digitory Legal to generate accurate, detailed litigation budgets for internal or external (client-facing) use; to price fixed fee arrangements appropriately; and to manage their teams to budget numbers.  In addition, Digitory Legal’s detailed budgets are a competitive differentiator and will improve communication with clients regarding costs.

Clients can use Digitory Legal to obtain accurate, detailed litigation budgets from outside counsel and to receive updated budgets automatically, without having to manage multiple spreadsheets.  Our request for proposal (RFP) tool provides side-by-side comparisons of staffing models, assumptions (e.g., number of depositions, volume of data review, length of trial, etc.) and average costs-per-task to help clients select the best counsel for the case.  Once the data set is mature enough, Digitory Legal will provide guidance on what various cases should cost.

Legal Field: Internet Marketing, Legal Budgeting, Resource Management, Litigation, Law Practice Management
Tech Category: SaaS

Digitory Legal