All The Tools You Need In One Login.

Run Your Entire Practice from the Cloud

CosmoLex is the one solution that lets solo attorneys & small law firms manage their practice, billing, AND accounting, all in one login (No QuickBooks™ required). CosmoLex users can eliminate the need to maintain multiple programs because CosmoLex does it all — including time & expense tracking, billing, business accounting, trust (IOLTA) accounting, calendaring, task, email & document management, even secure client communications– in one web-based application.

Anytime/anywhere access from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop gives you total control of your entire practice — just by logging into your CosmoLex dashboard  And because everything is all together in one package, the level of intuitive automation, especially for billing and accounting, is beyond anything you’ve ever seen.

When to Use Us:

Solo practitioners and small practices look to CosmoLex when they are searching for an all-in-one practice management, billing, and accounting solution that will provide a competitive edge which comes from having the speed, power, and efficiency to match even the best large law firms.

Video: An Overview of CosmoLex
Legal Field: Practice Management, Business Accounting, Trust Accounting, Client Communications
Tech Category: SaaS