The Common Law Trademark (CM) Registry.

Cognate is the common law trademark registry. We let you document your trademark rights much cheaper and much faster than the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. We then help you get found in professional trademark searches to help you avoid infringement, rebranding, and maybe even lawsuits.

When your mark is listed with Cognate, you are allowed to use the “CM” designation (ex: CognateCM). This signifies that your rights are documented in our public registry. Common law trademark rights are earned by using a name to identify your company or product name in commerce (i.e. you’re making sales using that name).

When to Use Us:

Best use cases satisfy the two following criteria:
  1. You’re using a name to do business (your trademark is in use, not something you plan on using in the future)
  2. Your mark isn’t registered with the USPTO
Every trademark that is being used should be documented on our registry. Even if you’re planning on applying for federal registration eventually, you should still publicly document your trademark rights on Cognate in the meantime.

Legal Field: Intellectual Property
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