Technology & services for intelligent discovery.

Cicayda is a full stack eDiscovery partner.  We provide technology & services for intelligent litigation in order to provide clients the solution.We orchestrate elegant simplicity in everything we do, with a focus on superior design, ultimate user experience, accelerated ediscovery/edisclosure, and powerful results. Using tomorrow’s technology, coupled with a design goal of zero training, cicayda is faster in performance, superior in usability, and powerfully analytical. Our services team never sleeps, and handily manages all your data and project needs.

When to Use Us:

Cicayda is for a big and small cases, it’s for cases that matter.  Advanced analytics, early case assessment, data processing, data culling, review, production, managed document review. We also have a legal hold tool.

Video: Cicayda
Legal Field: Litigation, Managed Document Review, Legal Hold
Tech Category: Software