Technology & services for intelligent discovery.

Cicayda is a technology company built by experts who help experts. We are a veteran full-service, fully cloud based, technology company that has been providing cloud based legal review and non-biased analytics software in the US, UK, and EU for the last five years. Our main goal is to help you reduce discovery litigation spend through proper analysis and preparation.
Our proprietary real-time research, analytics and review platform, Reprise, has a proven track record of reducing review time and provides constant analytical insights throughout the entire discovery lifecycle. You leverage our experts for strategy, collections, early case assessment, and creative approaches to harnessing the power of data beyond the traditional review platforms. Our US based review center is used to manage all or portions of your review to meet tight review deadlines and reduce review time. Our litigation hold platform, Fermata, provides an easy yet powerful method for managing holds and compliance needs. Cicayda Fermata is a fully cloud based Legal Hold system allowing you to easily send custodial notices, build custom questionnaires, aggregate responses, and monitor acknowledgement of receipts.

When to Call Cicayda:

A new case is on the horizon.  It sounds like there may be a lot of data involved and you are concerned about the cost it takes to go through the discovery process.  You are looking for a partner that will help you reduce the amount of data that needs to be handled in a way that is defensible and strategically in line with our legal approach.

You need to get a litigation hold notice out to potential custodians in a corporation. You can have custodians imported, a questionnaire created and a notice sent out within a business day.

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