AsheWorks is a modern legal provider helping our clients reshape their internal global sourcing and commercial contracting processes. We provide strategic consulting services, paired with legal operations capability to design, operate and automate complete contract lifecycles for Fortune 500 companies and other clients – handling each process from assignment, to negotiation, to signature and billing with seamless stakeholder coordination. We have designed a pricing model using AsheWorks Analytics data on transaction complexity and client risk tolerance to create pricing tiers designed to deliver precisely the level of quality our clients seek at predictable fixed rates. We also provide the Alexe Info Sec solution, an integrated data security vendor assessment system designed to streamline the vendor review process – freeing-up clients’ internal resource time and breaking process bottlenecks, while ensuring that vendors touching our clients’ systems and data are secure.

When to Use Us: When you want to make your contracting processes simple, fast and fully integrated.

Legal Field: Commercial Contracting, Sourcing, Data Privacy and Information Security, Legal Operations
Tech Category: Contract Management, Information Security