Host Jules Miller talks with Tom Gordon, Executive Director of Responsive Law, which is the only organization that represents the interests of consumers in the legal industry.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:22 Tom Gordon Executive Director of Responsive Law

00:48 Interested in how consumers get access to legal services

01:18 What makes Tom a legal expert?

02:48 Why should we care about tech in the legal industry?

03:42 Legal industry is very slow to change by nature

03:54 Anti-competitiveness in the current business model

07:02 Clients and business suffer from restrictions

07:10 Is there hope for legal-tech entrepreneurs?

07:29 Two conflicting areas for start-ups

08:12 Tip: partner with people respected by the BAR

08:55 Interesting innovations in the industry

10:09 Outside investment is allowed in AUS and UK

10:35 BAR is realizing that legal profession is falling behind in world of technology


BAR says: The legal profession’s resistance to change hinders innovation. Click To Tweet Change is coming. Click To Tweet



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