Welcome to the sixty-ninth episode of the Evolve Law Podcast. Today our host, Mary Juetten, sits down to talk with Mike Cappucci– Co-Founder + Director of Product Strategy at FoundationLab. This new company is a services business that focuses on building tools and products for law firms, in-house counsel, and legal-tech startups.

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Show Notes

00:00 Intro

00:24 Mike Cappucci of FoundationLab

00:56 How did you discover this problem your company is trying to fix?

02:50 Strategy and design work

04:33 Why are you a legal expert?

04:55 I’m more of a problem solving expert, through the use of technology.

06:02 The team of developers for FoundationLab- nearshore, not offshore

08:28 Do you have any feedback and case studies you would like to share?

09:37 A collaborative budgeting tool that gives transparency

10:24 What metrics do you have about using your solutions?


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