Welcome to the 75th episode of the Evolve Law Podcast! Today our host, Mary Juetten revisits our partner Cicayda and speaks with their Chief of Special Development Clark Rickman. They have launched their new, groundbreaking software Fermata. Fermata drastically reduces the time you spend using outdated tools like Excel. Learn how in this 12 minute episode of the EvolveLaw podcast.

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Show Notes:

00:00 Intro

00:21 Clark Rickman

00:28 Cicayda’s new product Fermata

01:17 Fermata is our solution for automating the process of maintaining potential evidence in pending cases.

01:28 How did you zero in on this legal tech problem you’re solving?

02:40 What kind of clients would use this product?

04:32 Can you give us more background on your experience in the legal tech industry?

06:48 Can you share case studies since the re-launch of Fermata?

09:36 Do you have any metrics on using your solutions?


Fermata reduces the time it takes to send a legal hold notice by 90%. Click To Tweet Cloud technology can really address very expensive problems. Click To Tweet Fermata provides all of the necessary reporting tools in any format the client prefers. Click To Tweet


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