The Above the Law – Evolve Law partnership is here to elevate and educate members. EL Members have shown an inspiring commitment to work together to accelerate innovation across the entire industry, and ATL will expand members’ access and influence to lawyers, legal media, and business community at large. We aim to achieve these goals through:

  • ATL will launch a Legal Innovation Center and feature thought leadership from ATL columnists and new contributors. EL Members will have access to publish on ATL’s platform in Member Perspectives, and submit content to be reviewed and published in additional Above the Law channels.
  • In addition to events, ATL will foster digital connectivity through a private member Slack channel. Companies and startups at all stages need spaces to ask questions, share advice between peers.
  • Education for lawyers. ATL will expand upon EL’s Legal Tech Toolkit into a service and technology directory. The directory collect and standardize publicly available information on each vendor, utilize comparison tools, and feature expert reviews of products. Members will have exclusive access to manage their profile on ATL.
  • Education for members. ATL will publish quarterly research reports exclusively for members, sourced by what EL Members want to know. ATL will survey its 1.3 million reader audience with questions from EL Members every three months. The results, and supporting resources, will be available for free in the ATL Evolve Slack Channel.

We are currently sourcing questions for the first research report. The report will be published in early January 2018. Please submit questions in the #research ATL Evolve Slack Channel, or by emailing Questions can range from “How do I get a first meeting with a law firm?” to “Who are the early adopters in IP in Portland?” to “How many lawyers actually work remotely?”

All of these elements will be rolled out in 2017. The ATL Evolve Slack Channel is available now. The Legal Innovation Center will launch on October 3. Member profiles will be built on a rolling basis through January 2018. The Directory will launch in 2018.

Now is the time to become an Evolve Member to take advantage of these benefits and become involved with the research. Join at current rates from the Evolve Law website as either an Innovator Member or company listing.  New membership levels and rates start in October. If you would like more information on membership, email

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