It’s difficult to stay up to date on news when there is seemingly a never-ending stream of tweets blogs and articles published daily. To try and read each and every one would mean quitting your job to exclusively monitor your computer and phone and as tempting as that may be, you do need to work and be productive. The same can be said of news on law and legal tech. As legal tech grows and the legal landscape changes, there is more news on how technology and disruptive companies are altering the practice of law. And while that is a great problem to have for fans of the legal tech industry, it can be daunting for attorneys who want to stay informed but simply can’t find the time.

ShiftCentral,  a company offering market intelligence to a number of different industries, including legal, was introduced to us through Evolve Law Advisory Council member Jeroen Plink, who serves as an Executive Advisor to the company. With its latest offering, ShiftCentral is seeking to help lawyers and legal tech entrepreneurs stay abreast of the legal tech news and thought leadership of the day with Legal Innovation Central (LIC). LIC gathers news developments, industry publications, analyst opinions and blogs across seven different topics and delivers the top relevant stories to your inbox to read at your convenience, covering the spheres of Alternative Providers, Big Four Disruptors, Document Extraction, eDiscovery, Legal Research, Litigation Funding, and Shared Services Centres. For those looking for more in-depth news on those topics, the web portal offers easy and straightforward options to filter the news not only by topic, but location, sources, and date, as well. It even offers the ability to sort by law firm and legal service provider.

In addition to the news of the day, LIC also has a collection of crafted dossiers on each topic intended to provide background and insight for attorneys looking to get up to speed on the larger trends and developments of the legal tech industry, as well as those looking to expand their knowledge. Those looking for a specific development or trend can use the portal’s advanced search feature to find exactly what they’re looking for. With these briefings and dossiers, lawyers and law firms can better stay up to date on what the legal tech world is doing, and, with any luck, can use that knowledge to stay informed about what might affect their firm, and the right legal tech solutions to implement.

LIC offers a variety of pricing options based on the size of a firm or legal department, ranging from $1,200 to $12, 000 a year. To learn more about ShiftCentral’s Legal Innovation Central, visit


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