Earlier this week, ALM Media and LegalWeek WestCoast hosted eight Evolve Law Darwin Talks. Thanks to 1Law’s Jason Velez, we were able to livestream the event on Facebook and  you can find that footage here.

Some takeaways from the eight Darwin Talks (my words only!):

Nothing is New, and That’s Just Fine – Mary Juetten, Traklight – Design thinking and other “new” management approaches are not at all new but derivatives from approaches that in some cases date back almost 100 years, so it’s time for the law to ignore the buzzwords and jargon and JFDI when it comes to change and innovation.

Beware of “Shelfware”: Proving the Value of Your Firm’s Legal Tech – Catherine Krow, Digitory Legal – Buying legal technology is great as a market differentiator and can save attorneys and clients alike time and money; however, law firms have to incentivize lawyers to use the technology, measure the impact and market based on the improved product offering — otherwise, it’s just shelfware.

Artificial vs. Virtual vs. Augmented: Making Sense of it All! – Tyler Todd and Jason Velez, 1LAW – With virtual lawyering there is not the same connection because you cannot see the person; the answer is augmented reality law where you use video chat and other means to communicate and see the attorney eye to eye. Bonus tip is that lawyers do not only provide service but also products such as consultations and filings.

AI and Chatbots 101 – Tom Martin, LawDroid – Give the people what they want! Although chatbots are a time saver for attorneys and companies alike, that is not the only reason to implement for your firm. Your clients are demanding that their problems be solved instantly and that is why 69% would use a chatbot to do just that.

Legal Tech, Help Us Help Ourselves! – Lucy Bassli, Microsoft – We all want an easy button that does not exist when it comes to technology implementation. We should take a pause when pursuing shiny new technology and look at our work flow first and never automate a crappy process.

Obstacles to Access to Court Records are Obstacles to Access to Justice – Adam Long, UniCourt – Our court records are prohibitively expensive to access and we need to demand that we move from crayon or hand-drawn level solutions to at least decent and affordable technology.

The Next Evolution of Law Firm Work-Life Balance Initiatives – Tania Shah, FLEX by Fenwick – Work-life balance programs like flex-time and remote work still carry a stigma as far as professional advancement and we need key people to use and embrace the offerings in a transparent manner to lead by example.

Show Me the Money: The Missing Ingredient from Legal Innovation – Dan Lear, Avvo – From hackathons to venture capital money and communities like Evolve Law, legal innovation still seems stuck in slow gear, so we need some more money in the form of microfinance, micro venture capital and bigger ideas!


We will have an audio recording coming soon to the website. Interested in an Evolve Law event in your city? Reach out to info@evolvelawnow.com.

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