Legal tech is always at the forefront of innovation, and we at Evolve Law are always excited to be working with so many companies at the leading edge of what is new in the world of technology aimed at improving the practice of law. The recent issue of The National Law Journal 2018 AI Leaders featured companies on the forefront of artificial intelligence in the law, and among those companies features were EL members Casetext, Diligen, Docket Alarm, eBrevia, Intraspexion, Legal Robot, Litify, Nextlaw Labs, and Premonition amongst those standouts. While we are fans of the legal tech as a whole, we do feel particularly excited for those companies that we have a chance to work with and interact with on a regular basis to be recognized for their efforts in pushing things forward in one of the most promising areas of technology not only for law but industries across the spectrum. For anyone interested in what these innovative companies are doing in the field of AI, take a moment to read the current issue here.

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