Over the past three years, Evolve Law has built a community of more than 140 innovators, ranging from emerging companies to investors, law firms and industry leaders like Thomson Reuters and Wolters Kluwer. We are excited to announce a strategic partnership with Above the Law (ATL) that will enable Evolve Law to continue its momentum by expanding visibility and offerings.

Evolve Law was founded in 2014 by Mary Juetten of Traklight and Jules Miller, formerly of Hire an Esquire.  They recognized that the innovatively lagging legal industry could use a community to help speed up the pace of adoption of new technology.  Evolve Law became the legal industry catalyst for change and innovation, filling a void left by Reinvent Law.  The collaborative project took off, and companies large and small clamored to Evolve Law to work together, and drive innovation and adoption of technology within the legal industry.

In merely 3 years, the legal technology landscape has grown dramatically, and Evolve Law will, well, evolve accordingly, and provide its membership with access to the world’s largest audience of lawyers through Above the Law.  Starting in late 2017, Evolve Law’s Legal Toolkit, podcast, and content will appear on ATL’s pages and social channels. Members will have opportunities to publish directly onto Above the Law, and gain recognition and insight from ATL’s expert columnists and 1.3 million reader audience.

“Above the Law believes future law is practiced hand-and-hand with technology, and partnering with Evolve Law gives our lawyer and law student readers access to cutting edge innovation and innovators.  While ATL will always be a place for insider news, commentary and advice for lawyers, it is a natural next step to feature innovation within our incredible roster of legal tech columnists like Bob Ambrogi, Jeff Bennion, Monica Bay, Niki Black, Joe Borstein and Ed Sohn. The innovation community needs lawyers as much as lawyers need innovation,” said Hsiaolei Miller, Group Publisher of Above the Law.

At last count, Evolve Law’s fifty events, over 120 blog posts, and close to 100 podcasts, have attracted thousands of lawyers, students, and technology entrepreneurs.  Our future will feature 10 signature events, ambassador events around the world, and expanded networking opportunities for our members through Slack Channels.  Upcoming fall events can be viewed here.

Mary Juetten will continue her involvement in Evolve Law, collaborating with Above the Law to drive even more value for the community members.  This partnership allows her to refocus on Traklight, her writing and projects like her work with LegalShield as an Access Advocate and KPI education for small law.

Interested in membership? Visit the website here or reach out at info@evolvelawnow.com. Starting in October, some fees may change, and members will have access to exclusive ATL research, discounted advertising, and content on ATL.


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